EUSA representative Antonis Petrou's welcome speech

EUSA Representative, Antonis Petrou




Dear President of the Organizing Committee, Ms. Ana Luísa Pereira;

Dear Mr. Daniel Monteiro, University Sports Academic Federation;

Dear Mr. Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, Rector of the University of Porto;

Dear honourable guests;


On behalf of Mr Adam Roczek, President of the European University Sports Association (EUSA), it is an honour and a pleasure to warmly welcome you here in the beautiful city of Oporto, which is hosting the 12th edition of European Universities Championship in Football.


Today we are celebrating the event and university sport in general with this Opening Ceremony that has been excellently prepared by the Organizing Committee. Please let me take this opportunity to thank all Organizing Committee members and volunteers that already spent hundreds of hours till now, to organize this event in the best possible way. Thank you for your great done job Ms. Ana Luísa Pereira, President of the Organizing Committee.


Dear athletes, team officials and referees! From now on, the championship is in your hands. Compete with your hearth and in a professional level, respect your opponents and make this event unforgettable for everyone. Even though only one will be the champion, we should all come to the closing ceremony as friends and fair play winners.


I wish you good luck and enjoy every minutes here in Oporto, I’m sure you will keep this memories forever. Good Luck!


I would like to invite Mr. Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo to officially declare the event open.